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Current Work

Illustrations (of Some of the Songs and Spoken Word I Have Been Creating)

All the paintings on this page came as a result of me trying to increase my output and more more experimentally with the material i have been developing. I have been critiqued for fixating too much on one project and not allowing anything else to be explored as i work towards that goal. These images were not planned and were inspired by the songs and music I have been making building up to my musical. A way of visually exploring the sound. The text largely comes from the songs I wrote for the musical (all can be found in the Easter Work page). The painting illustrates lots of the characters i have been using to represent my ideas and draws fictional codes and questions between them - implying some complex mystery about their relationships and the universe that they exist in. Visually inspired by Jean Michel Basqiat among others.



I was trying to create an atmosphere of unease. the visuals were inspired from the line 'Dropping bombs on Preston Park' from the song Hell Bent I wrote for the murder scene in the musical (linked in the below picture description). The lyric references largely come form the some that would immediately follow the murder - Ticket To Hell which I made a picture video for here (using a picture made for an old project).

The lyrics written out to the song Hell Bent. Also a Youtube video, with the song accompanied by the picture below.

A piece of writing from a monologue style show I wrote. It was inspired by Spalding Gray, Christopher Brett Bailey, Lou Reed and Marya Hornbacher

Inspired by a new eco-feminist album by Anhoni called Hopelessness, I have become interested in the man made apocalypse. I want me art to be a little more political and I decided I explore that further. Thinking about the man made apocalypse I decided, seeing as I was creating my own world I could decide how it will end. I began to develop this Bomberman character to represent the destruction of the world by war and excess and men. I was pleased with the portrait (very much inspired by Imran Qureshi) and decided to bring the character further. I have written him a song (linked below) with lyrics inspired by Anhoni (specifically the song 'violent men') and Wilfred Owen War poetry. 


Hand in hand

Hand in hand

Hand in hand

With the Bomberman


Flood and trees are all on fire

All you are a hand for hire

Hard enough to try and stand

Hand in hand

Hand in hand

Hand in hand 

With the Bomberman


On black roads to judge and jury

Desparate for some ardent glory

Tripping in the mud and sand

Hand in hand

Hand in hand 

Hand in hand 

With the Bomberman


Hand in hand

Hand in hand 

Hand in hand 

With the Bomberman

Early Bomberman designs and plans

This was the image I accompanied the Bomberman song with. The song was loosely inspired by Big Brother by David Bowie and Violent Men by Anhoni.

I decided to embody this character to bring it into a more performative media. I spoke to the metal workshop technicians about how to create a metal bullet head, they suggested creating a cardboard version first to test the design, this is the result of that.

While I went about making all this I have been writing and recording a series of short spoken word sections

The idea behind them was considering how the world was going to end and how we would know about it. I developed the voice of a mad sounding New Orleans man who everyone would assume was mad when he was predicting the end of days. Loosely inspired by 'It's Gonna Rain' by Steve Reich, a scene from the film Birdman and the entire back catalogue of Tom Waits. I created and recorded a series of monologues about the end of the world. They are linked below.


It is gonna rain! The Day Is coming. It is almost here. Make your peace and make it quick cos the end is on its way and the gods don’t care about us any more – theyve given up. You’re alone now, forget your friends forget your family forget everything you think you know.  The sky is gonna burn and the seas are gonna boil so I hope for your sake you’ve been good. I hope you done good by people and by the world and by yourself cos its about to get real hot. Real hot. It’s time for you to make peace with your gods and hope you picked the right ones cos it’s gonna get hot all that global warming science is just the start we on the highway now. We on the highway now I hope you’re ready. You aint have to read the stars you aint have to do no maths cos it’s happening now. The fish are dying, the rats are leaving, even the men with bombs for heads are waiting with fear in their hearts and their metal minds. It’s gonna rain. IT’s gonna Rain! People standin on street corners with their faces to the sky. The sky is turning a new shade of red – say hello to a whole lotta change and its gonna get dark now you better teach your children how to breath under water


You know we’re coming to the end you know it. We are coming to the end and we are gonna be hit by the plagues, the wrath is coming the plagues are coming and the plague of plastic is on her way and she’s gonna fill the subways with plastic bags and water bottles and Barbie dolls until they clog up the city veins and spill out on to the streets and then the streets are gonna be chocked with ring pulls and mobile phone cases and packaging and poly styrene and broken shit and plastic forks and knives and key rings more and more shit, shit that’s poured out of factory doors and its gonna fill up your gardens and your streets and you motorways. Times square full to bursting with plastic shit, central park buried, all the canals in Venice and the London underground and the squares in Russia and Beijing. All the cities – Paris and Chicago, Tokyo, Sydney, Washington, Rome, Berlin, Rio all choking under mountains of plastic garbage til no one can breath, it sure ain’t gonna be pretty and it sure ain’t gonna be nice but it’s comin’ soon I can feel it I can feel it

OtherSelf Advert

After making the advert for the Light show I became interested in both using humour and satire, as well as using corporate techniques and imagery to further explore this dystopian world I have been creating. Seeing as I was looking at the Apocalypse of my work dI was considering what would cause a man made destruction. I felt like the modern problems with a lack of attention span and the fact that man's separation from nature had lead to a dissatisfaction with life and a feeling of unease are things that could contribute to greater problems, even if not I wanted to explore them in my work and consider their implications. I decided to invent a future company that would advertise being able to solve these problems. I landed on OtherSelf, an online company where you can buy time in other peoples consciousness and rent out time in your own, like Air BnB but for your living consciousness, with a dating site type vibe. I asked my Facebook friends for their consent in using their images for the ad and I got a huge response. 

To further the corporate feeling of the advert I used predominantly impersonal stock footage, generic stock music and I adopted a neutral and presentational tone for the narration. It was designed to look slick and official. Below are some screen shots from the film.

Script for OtherSelf

Do you wish you could escape for a little while?

Is the stress of your busy life dragging you down?

Holidays not enough?

Do you maybe even feel a little like you need a holiday from you?

Here at OtherSelf we can give you the break you need

For competitive prices you can buy time in someone else’s consciousness, and rent out your own. Simply upload your life details to our site and browse dozens of lives to find the perfect one for you to stay in.  

Want to trade with a high-flying business type on the beaches of LA? Or maybe a more rustic Italian farming life sounds like your ideal you away from you. There’s bound to be a life you’ll love to try out in our selection of thousands of participants from all over the world. Leave your problems in your life, being you can be hard, why not be a different you for a while?

 Maybe you’d like to see what it’s like to be a parent, an explorer, a person in love – or maybe you just want to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. There’s so many extraordinary lives to live, from here, to Bankok or New York City. Your dream is someone’s everyday


Be yourself, Be someone else

The Modern Plagues Sound Piece

I have been making a lot of audio and my aim for it was to turn it into an illustrated sound piece, Together the pieces predict a strange Orwellian end of the world with some sic fi dystopian futures, music and crazed predictions of damnation. People are controlled by government issued pornography, the seas are about to boil and masculine aggression is destroying the world in the form of a military superstate. Everything is going to burn basically. I have been using found footage to add a realness to this fantasy and I am decidedly using footage from different eras as time in the universe I am creating does not function on a linear level and the past the present and the future are all happening simultaneously.

I was unfortunately unable to finish and it is still a work in progress. The sound is completed but the visuals only carry through half of it. I have ambitions to screen it with some sort of performance in front of it as well. A few screen shots are also below.

What is done so far can be found here:

Bomberman costume

One of the reasons I was unable to finish to the Modern Plagues video was that I have been working for a lot of time on creating the metal bomb head. In the final edit of the Plagues video there will be footage of me as this character but I have not yet had time to successfully edit this together. I have however made a short video with some of the footage of me in the completed bomb head costume which I have linked below. Also below are screenshots from that video and close ups of the finished bomber man head.


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